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Laffitte’s Black Sail (Onyx)

AKC Pointed – 12 points and 1 major (Actively Showing)

OFA Hips; Good and elbows Normal
CERF Clear
Optigen A by parentage
EIC Clear
Centronuclear myopath PTPLA WT/WT Normal (clear)
Degenerative myelopathy SOD1 WT/WT Normal (clear)
Exercise-induced collapse DNM1 WT/WT Normal (clear)
Hereditary nasal parakeratosis SUV39H2 WT/WT Normal (clear)
Progressive retinal atrophy, PRCD WT/WT Normal (clear)
Retinal dysplasia/Oculoskeletal COL9A3 WT/WT Normal (clear)
dysplasia 1
Skeletal dysplasia 2 COL11A2 WT/WT Normal (clear)