Available Dogs

In any responsible breeding program, there are numerous reasons why a particular dog is not to be an on-going part of the breeding program. Young or middle-aged dogs are occasionally available if I feel it is in the best interest of the particular dog to be placed in a carefully-screened pet home or another breeder home. My “geriatrics” stay for life. Many people realize the advantages of adopting a well-socialized, house-trained dog rather than an 8-week-old puppy, and it can be a perfect situation benefiting both the particular dog and the adoptive family. No more competing with numerous other dogs for attention, but exclusive attention from a loving family! My heart may break when they leave, but I’m eventually comforted by the fact that he or she will be the center of life for some wonderful family. And everyone who knows Labs knows that, no matter how old, they have an unbelievable desire and ability to bond with anyone who shows them love and affection … and feeds them!

I require that the prospective family come and visit and allow plenty of time for the family and the dog in question to get to know each other in various situations. We all must agree that it is a “match made in heaven”. The reason(s) for placing the dog will be fully and honestly disclosed and a written guarantee will be issued. A week or two should be devoted to the adjustment period but, if for any reason, it appears not to be working out, I will immediately take the dog back and refund any money paid. Prospective adoptive families should be prepared to give a comprehensive dissertation regarding their desire for adopting an adult dog, their expectations, their family environment, lifestyle, facilities, etc.