Jack Bolton – Asheville, NC

Our family welcomed Elsa into our home in the Spring of 2016.  For the last five months we have seen her grow into a beautiful adolescent.  Perhaps the friendliest dog in the neighborhood, Elsa garners loving attention from event he most purposeful walkers; she even stops some joggers in their tracks for a little pat on the head.  Very playful yet gentle with our 10 and 12 year old children, Elsa seems to know intuitively not to push boundaries.  She’s still a Labrador puppy and like to chew on things, but is very easily corrected with lasting effect. While she had an initial fear of steps and large bodies of water at first, she now runs up and down the steps and hops right in the water on command.  Bath time is a dream.  She calmly stands in the water and lets you get soap in all the tough to reach places, then allows a thorough rinse without shaking water all over the bathroom.  When it’s time for a walk to relieve herself, there’s no guesswork.  She tells you exactly what  she needs when she needs it.

We are just thrilled with Elsa and with Lure Labradors.

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